1. 01_The Antrim Rose The House of Hamill P.J. Macnamara's Poppy Seeds 4:15
  2. 02_Picking Chestnuts Welcome to Mahé Poppy Seeds 3:57
  3. 03_Rove Riley Rove Poppy Seeds 2:59
  4. 04_MC Moran's Jig The Monk's Jig The Arragh Mountains Poppy Seeds 3:50
  5. 05_Coconut's Nightmare The Flying Weasel Poppy Seeds 4:05
  6. 06_The Poppy Leaf The Kilcloon In Memory of Coleman Leitrim Lilter Living on the 6TH Floor Fred's Favourite Poppy Seeds 7:18
  7. 07_Billy Gray Poppy Seeds 4:41
  8. 08_Tom Sullivan's Tir Tairngiri Nina's Jig Poppy Seeds 4:17
  9. 09_Jack Palance's Maeve's Reel Surfcasting in the Night Poppy Seeds 5:06
  10. 10_The Close Shave Poppy Seeds 3:38
  11. 11_Caoineadh Uì Néill Paddy Fahy's Poppy Seeds 5:24
  12. 12_Trip to Mousker Straspey Clueless A Tune for Emily Ball Poppy Seeds 7:29

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